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Lettie Construction can help you prepare your building for a disaster. Our experts come to your site and prepare a detailed, site-specific plan to prepare you if the unthinkable happens. We spend time training your staff on how to handle any likely disaster.

Lettie establishes a strategic plan which provides uniform standard operating procedures for response to emergency conditions within your building. These standard procedures are designed to ensure the maximum protection for your residents, staff and property in the event of an emergency and to ensure the preservation of organizational communications during emergency conditions. The worst time to plan for an emergency is while it's happening!.

The objective is to have a practiced plan for an emergency or likely disaster. Although public entities are responsible for public safety, because of their limited resources, and your inherent responsibilities to your residents and staff, you must consider yourselves first responders to any situation.

Additionally, our plans provide an on-site focal point for communications between the staff, the residents, and public safety officials. You are responsible to take necessary actions to prevent fires and other preventable disasters, assist residents as needed, and to provide continuation of leadership during a disaster.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, we are ready to assist you to make this happen!